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Synopsis of Committee Amendments

Legislative Service Commission

Sub. S.B. 202
125th General Assembly
(H. Agriculture & Natural Resources)
Adds several provisions to the bill that amend current law as follows:
 Soil and water conservation districts

Establishes additional procedures, requirements, and other provisions governing the construction of an improvement by a soil and water conservation district, including all of the following:  procedures by which a landowner may file a petition with the supervisors of a district requesting the construction of a proposed improvement; criteria under which the supervisors may reject the petition; procedures and requirements, including notice requirements, related to a view of the proposed improvement and a hearing concerning it; requirements concerning a preliminary report on the improvement, if the petition is accepted, that must be prepared by the supervisors; criteria under which the supervisors may approve the petition requesting the improvement; requirements concerning the supervisors’ preparation of plans, specifications, cost estimates, and schedules of damages related to the improvement and the submittal of those items to the board of county commissioners; criteria to be used by the county commissioners when considering whether to approve or disapprove the improvement; requirements concerning the  county engineer’s filing of certain information concerning the improvement with the county recorder; requirements concerning the county commissioners’ preparation of a schedule of estimated assessments on property to be benefited by the improvement; provisions governing information that the county commissioners must receive from the supervisors prior to adopting a resolution to levy assessments for purposes of the improvement; and requirements concerning notice to landowners with respect to any easements on their property that are necessary for purposes of the improvement.
Increases the maximum maturity of soil and water conservation district improvement bonds from eight to fifteen years.
Requires the state to provide matching aid to soil and water conservation districts for revenue received from tax levies in excess of the ten-mill levy limitation approved for the benefit of those districts.
Pesticides Law

Limits the exemption for employees of the Department of Agriculture from payment of the license or renewal fee for a commercial applicator license only to such employees whose job duties require licensure as a commercial applicator as a condition of employment.
Authorizes the Director of Agriculture, in response to certain violations, after providing the opportunity for a hearing, to deny, suspend, revoke, refuse to renew, or modify any provision of any license, permit, or registration issued under the Pesticides Law.
Southern Ohio Agricultural and Community Development Foundation
Authorizes the Director of Agriculture and the Director of Development to appoint designees to serve in their respective places as ex officio officers of the board of trustees of the Southern Ohio Agricultural and Community Development Foundation.

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