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Synopsis of Committee Amendments

Legislative Service Commission

Sub. H.B. 106
125th General Assembly
(S. Education)

Removes a provision in the House version requiring a school district superintendent to request the Department of Youth Services (DYS) to release to a designated school psychologist information regarding a child released from DYS custody just prior to requesting admission to a district school, and specifies instead that DYS automatically provide certain information about the child to the superintendent of the child's resident school district upon the child's release.  Also requires DYS to provide the same information to the juvenile court that committed the child to DYS custody.
Requires DYS to provide the following information about a child upon the child's release from DYS custody: (1) an updated copy of the child's school transcript, (2) a report of the child's behavior in school while in DYS custody, (3) the child's current individualized education plan (IEP), and (4) a summary of the institutional record of the child's behavior.
Clarifies language in the House version regarding the privacy of DYS records provided to a district superintendent.
Makes DYS eligible for grants and services from the Ohio SchoolNet Commission.
Includes public schools (including community schools), chartered nonpublic schools, and educational service centers (ESCs) as out-of-home care entities for the purposes of the Juvenile Code.
Requires public children services agencies to notify specified school authorities of investigations into alleged child abuse or neglect involving a school or ESC.
Requires the county probate court (instead of the ESC governing board as under current law) to perform the duties of the board of education of a local school district if the school board fails to carry out those duties or to fill a vacancy.
Exempts limited English proficient students who have been enrolled in U.S. schools for less than one full school year from certain testing and accountability requirements.
Eliminates the deadline for the State Board of Education to issue one-year conditional teaching permits in the area of intervention specialist, thereby allowing the State Board to continue issuing them indefinitely.
Requires the Department of Education to use an existing FY 2005 appropriation to contract for the operation of a safe school help line at a rate of $1.80 per participating student, unless insufficient funds require a lower per student rate.
Clarifies the method for calculating the transitional aid subsidy to school districts in FY 2005.
Specifies that the purchase of services or supplies by a political subdivision through a reverse auction satisfies competitive bidding requirements.
Permits any county with a population of 500,000 or more to use an alternative procedure in existing law to establish a regional arts and cultural district.

H0106-125.doc/ss                                                                                                    05/26/04