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Synopsis of Committee Amendments

Legislative Service Commission

Sub H.B. 322
125th General Assembly
(S. Insurance, Commerce, and Labor)

Removes from the House-passed version explicit authority for the State Board of Examiners of Architects and the State Board of Landscape Architect Examiners to adopt rules pertaining to continuing education requirements for architects and landscape architects, respectively.
Corresponding to the change described above, removes from the House-passed version the requirement that architects and landscape architects complete any continuing education requirements the respective licensing board of each profession established in order to renew a certificate of qualification.
Adds to the House-passed version a specification that if the State Board for Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors disputes the content of any continuing professional development credit hours or coursework of a professional engineer or surveyor, the Board must presume as a matter of law that any credit hours submitted by a registrant, or any coursework or activity submitted for approval, complies with the bill's requirements if submitted and a statement signed by a current registrant not otherwise participating in the event affirms that the material is relevant to the registrant's practice and will assist the registrant's development in the profession.
Changes the House-passed provision allowing the State Board to require a professional engineer or surveyor who fails to renew registration on and after calendar year 2008, and who seeks renewal and reinstatement on or after January 1, 2009, to complete up to thirty hours of continuing professional development, to instead require that the registrant complete the hours of continuing professional development required from the effective date of the section in which this requirement is found.
Adds a requirement to existing law that the person designated as being responsible for and in responsible charge of the professional engineering or professional surveying activities and decisions of a professional engineering or professional surveying business entity be a full-time partner, manager, member, officer, or director of that entity, and also eliminates the existing requirement that for corporations holding a certificate of authorization, at least one of the designated decision-making professionals be a director of the corporation.

H0322-125.doc/ss                                                                                                    05/24/04

* This synopsis does not address amendments that may have been adopted on the Senate floor.