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Conference Committee Synopsis
Legislative Service Commission

Am. Sub. S.B. 187
124th General Assembly

The Conference Committee recommends the bill as passed by the House of Representatives with the following changes:

Conference Committee
School board member compensationIncreases the maximum allowable compensation for members of school district boards of education and educational service center governing boards to $125 per meeting (from $80 per meeting as under current law).  (R.C. 3311.19 and 3313.12.)

Allows members of school district boards and educational service center governing boards to receive a specified rate of compensation for attending a training program.  Under the bill, members may receive up to $60 per day for a program that lasts three hours or less or up to $125 per day for a program that lasts more than three hours. 
(R.C. 3311.19 and 3313.12.)


Interscholastic athletic participation of transfer studentsNo provision.Prohibits a school district board or employee from preventing a student who transfers to a school of the district from participating in interscholastic athletics solely on the basis of the student's transfer and prohibits a school district from belonging to an organization that has in place a rule that restricts participation of transfer students in conflict with the bill's provisions.  (R.C. 3313.537.)No provision.
Joint ambulance board member compensationNo provision.Increases the compensation that may be paid to members of joint ambulance boards (created by townships and municipal corporations) to $75 per meeting (from $20 per meeting as under current law) and increases the number of meetings for which compensation may be paid to those board members to 15 (from 12 as under current law).  (R.C. 505.71.) Same as House version.
Municipal noise ordinancesNo provision.Eliminates a provision of current law that specifically permits a municipal corporation to enforce a noise control ordinance against a noise source located in the territory of an adjoining municipal corporation if there is a written agreement between the two municipal corporations permitting that enforcement.  (R.C. 715.49.)No provision.

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LSC - 124th G.A. Conference Committee Synopsis