Status Report of Legislation

128th General Assembly - Senate Bills

SB 3
Primary Sponsor(s): Faber  
Subject:  Small businesses-impact of rules-create ombudsperson/review board

Abbreviations used in the Status Report
A - Amended P - Postponed S - Substitute * - Note  
F - Failed to Pass R - Rereferred V - Vetoed    

Action by Chamber Senate House
Introduced   02/10/09   03/17/09

Committee Assigned   State & Local Government & Veterans Affairs   State Government
Committee Report A 03/11/09 S 04/21/10

Passed 3rd Consideration 03/11/09 05/12/10
Further Action        
To Conference Committee    

Concurrence *    
Sent to Governor      
End of 10-day period      
Governor's Action    
Effective Date    

Concurrence Note: Senate considered House amendments, informally passed on 05/17/10 and retained its place on the calendar; Senate refused to concur in House amendments on 05/18/10; House requested a conference committee on 05/19/10; Senate named conferees on 05/20/10