Status Report of Legislation

130th General Assembly - House Bills

HB 486
Primary Sponsor(s):  Baker & Stebelton
Subject:  Workforce & economic development/compliance incentives

Abbreviations used in the Status Report
A - Amended P - Postponed S - Substitute * - Note  
F - Failed to Pass R - Rereferred V - Vetoed    

Action by Chamber House Senate
Introduced   03/18/14   04/10/14

Committee Assigned   Economic Development and Regulatory Reform   Finance
Committee Report S 04/09/14 S 05/20/14

Passed 3rd Consideration 04/09/14 * A 06/04/14
Further Action        
To Conference Committee    

Concurrence 06/04/14    
Sent to Governor   06/16/14    
End of 10-day period   06/27/14    
Governor's Action 06/16/14    
Effective Date 09/16/14    

S. 3rd Cons. Note: Informally passed on 06/04/14 and retained its place on the calendar; Considered and passed as amended later in the session on 06/04/14