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122nd Final Bill Analysis
Effective Date update from the LSC Status Sheet: 03/09/99

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S.B. 189
122nd General Assembly
(As Passed by the General Assembly)

Eliminates the requirement that members of a board of county hospital trustees represent in equal numbers the county's two main political parties.

Under ongoing law, when a board of county commissioners determines to establish a county hospital, the board of county commissioners together with the probate judge of the county senior in point of service and the judge of the court of common pleas of the county senior in point of service must appoint a board of county hospital trustees (sec. 339.02(C)). Under prior law, the trustees had to be electors of the area served by the hospital and represent in equal numbers each of the two political parties casting the highest number of votes in the county for its respective candidate for Governor at the most recent gubernatorial election. The act replaces this requirement for equal political party representation with a requirement that no more than one-half of the members of a board of county hospital trustees be independents or be members of any one political party. (Sec. 339.02(E).)



Introduced 11-12-97 p. 1322
Reported, S. State & Local
Gov't & Veterans Affairs 03-24-98 pp. 1768-1769
Passed Senate (31-0) 03-25-98 p. 1787
Reported, H. Local Gov't &
Townships 05-21-98 p. 2535
Passed House (89-5) 11-05-98 pp. 2702-2703

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