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123rd House Bill Analysis

H.B. 496** This analysis was prepared before the report of the Senate Highways and Transportation Committee appeared in the Senate Journal. Note that the list of co-sponsors and the legislative history may be incomplete.
123rd General Assembly
(As Reported by S. Highways & Transportation)


Designates United States Route 250, running in a northwesterly and southeasterly direction through Harrison County only, the "William J. Brown Memorial Highway."
Permits the Director of Transportation to erect suitable markers along that highway indicating its name.

William J. Brown held the position of Ohio Attorney General for 12 years, from 1971 to 1983.

Introduced11-09-99p. 1343
Reported, H. Transportation
& Public Safety
01-26-00p. 1573
Passed House (94-0)03-16-00pp. 1671-1672
Reported, S. Highways
& Transportation
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