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Effective Date from the Status Report of Legislation: 07/23/02 Effective
Because of Ohio Supreme Court interpretations, effective dates published in the Status Report of Legislation are not authoritative, and users of the Status Report of Legislation rely upon them at their own risk. The effective dates have been unofficially and undefinitively determined by the LSC Division of Legal Review and Technical Services solely for the convenience of users.

Signed by Governor: 04/23/02
Subject: Education

Am. H.B. 48
124th General Assembly
(As Passed by the General Assembly)


Designates the first Monday in May as "School Bus Drivers Appreciation Day."

The bill designates the first Monday of each May as "School Bus Drivers Appreciation Day" for the expressed purpose of increasing public awareness of the important service that school bus drivers provide in safely transporting students to and from school.

Introduced01-31-01p. 101
Reported, H. Education01-30-02p. 1351
Passed House (94-0)02-12-02pp. 1377-1378
Reported, S. Education02-27-02pp. 1522-1523
Passed Senate (33-0)02-27-02pp. 1527-1528
    House concurred in Senate
    amendments (94-0)
03-12-02pp. 1503-1504

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