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Legislative Service Commission

H.B. 385
124th General Assembly
(As Introduced)


Specifies that Controlling Board approval is not required for the release of Clean Ohio Conservation Fund grant money.

Background:  Clean Ohio Conservation Fund grants

Am. Sub. H.B. 3 of the 124th General Assembly created the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund, which is used to make grants for projects that provide open space or protect and enhance riparian corridors and watersheds.  Revenue for the fund is provided through the issuance of general obligation bonds under Section 2o of Article VIII of the Ohio Constitution.  The grant program is administered by the Ohio Public Works Commission, and grant recipients are chosen by natural resources assistance councils in each of the state's 19 public works integrating committee districts.

Operation of the bill:  Controlling Board approval not required

Generally under current law, Controlling Board approval is required before money appropriated by the General Assembly can be released for a capital project.  (R.C. 126.14, not in the bill.)  The bill specifies that this approval is not required for the release of money from the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund for grants made for projects selected through the natural resources assistance council process.  The Public Works Commission controls the release of those funds by submitting a request for the release to the Director of Budget and Management.

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