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Bill Analysis

Legislative Service Commission

Sub. H.B. 59
125th General Assembly
(As Reported by H. Transportation and Public Safety)

The bill names portions of three highways. First, it designates the portion of State Route 4, starting at Interstate Route 70 in Clark County and extending northeasterly to the western-most boundary of Springfield, the "Heritage Parkway." (Sec. 5533.69.)
Current law designates United States Route 68, running in a north and south direction, commencing at the north edge of the Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge over the Ohio River at Aberdeen in Brown County and extending to the north boundary of Kenton in Hardin County, the "Simon Kenton Memorial Highway." (Sec. 5533.49, not in the bill.)
The bill provides that in addition to this existing designation, that portion of U.S. Route 68 located in Clark County commencing at the point where that highway enters Springfield Township and extending in a northerly direction to the northernmost boundary of the city of Springfield also shall be known as the "Ron Burton Highway." (Sec. 5533.491.)
The bill also designates the portion of State Route 93 located within Coshocton County the "Crile-Lower Memorial Highway." (Sec. 5533.70.)
In all three instances, the Director of Transportation is authorized to erect suitable markers along the highways indicating their respective names.
Ron Burton was born in Springfield, Ohio, and played professional football for the then Boston Patriots (now the New England Patriots). In 1985, he established the "Ron Burton Training Village" in Hubbardston, Massachusetts, a month-long summer camp for underprivileged children the goal of which is to help the children build their self-esteem, self-reliance, and respect for others.
Dr. George Washington Crile and his cousin Dr. William Lower were physicians who helped found the Cleveland Clinic.

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