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Bill Analysis

Legislative Service Commission

H.B. 86
125th General Assembly
(As Passed by the House)

Additional judge for Henry County Court of Common Pleas
The Henry County Court of Common Pleas currently has one judge (R.C. 2301.02(A)).
The bill creates a domestic relations division for the Henry County Court of Common Pleas and adds a new judge for that court to be elected specifically to the new division and designated as the judge of the court of common pleas, division of domestic relations. The new judge is to be elected initially in 2004 for a term to begin January 1, 2005. The new judge will have the same qualifications, exercise the same powers and jurisdiction, and receive the same compensation as the other judge of the Henry County Court of Common Pleas. The judge will have all of the powers relating to juvenile courts. All cases under the juvenile law (R.C. Chapters 2151. and 2152.), all parentage proceedings over which the juvenile court has jurisdiction, all divorce, dissolution of marriage, legal separation, and annulment cases, all proceedings involving child support, the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities for the care of children and the designation for the children of a place of residence and legal custodian, parenting time, and visitation, and all post-decree proceedings and matters arising from those cases and proceedings must be assigned to the new judge, except in cases that for some special reason are assigned to the other judge of the Court of Common Pleas. (R.C. 2301.02(A) and 2301.03(BB).)

02-25-03p. 168
    Reported, H. Judiciary
03-13-03p. 253
    Passed House (97-0)
03-19-03p. 271